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Gary M. Boyer

President & Founder

Gary Boyer is the visionary founder and driving force behind Boyer Building Corp. Gary’s journey in the construction industry is a testament to his unwavering dedication, expertise, and a heart that beats for giving back. In 2002, Gary took a bold step by establishing Boyer Building Corp, a full-service general contracting firm that has since become a recognized name in the industry. His extensive experience in construction, honed over many years, laid the foundation for the company’s success.

A proud alumnus of the University of Florida’s School of Building and Construction, Gary’s educational background has been the cornerstone of his accomplishments. It’s not just his professional success that sets Gary apart; it’s also his commitment to making a difference in the community. Over the past eight years, he has been a dedicated supporter of charities like the Children’s Miracle Network, raising more than $115,000 in contributions. Gary’s commitment to community extends beyond philanthropy. As the President of Boyer Building Corp., Gary has also been a beacon of support for women in construction, championing their growth, empowerment, and recognition within the field. A key cornerstone of Boyer’s commitment lies in the active encouragement and support extended to the female workforce within his own company. Recognizing the immense talent, dedication, and capabilities of women in the construction domain, Gary has fervently promoted their involvement in the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). He serves as a member of the Advent Health Foundation Board, contributing his leadership and insights to shape the health and wellness landscape in our community. His passion for leadership development is evident through his graduation from Leadership Orlando Class #42 and his more recent achievement, being a part of Leadership West Orange Class of 2022. Under Gary’s visionary leadership, Boyer Building Corp has thrived, delivering excellence in the construction industry. His relentless pursuit of success and dedication to giving back are a true inspiration to all.


Matt Johnson

Senior Vice President of Operations

Matt’s remarkable 30 year career has been marked by his exemplary expertise in managing large-scale projects, and he has played a pivotal role in shaping the success of our company. One of Matt’s standout achievements is his role as the Senior Project Manager for the Hilton Convention Center Hotel in Orlando, Florida, a project of monumental proportions valued at over $227 million. His adept project management skills, unwavering commitment, and meticulous attention to detail ensured the successful completion of this landmark project. Throughout his distinguished career, Matt has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead, plan, and execute complex projects with precision and efficiency.

David Plyler

Vice President of Construction

A true luminary with an impressive career spanning over 45 years in the construction industry, boasting a distinguished track record of award-winning accomplishments and a comprehensive mastery of all aspects of project and construction management. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, David excels in every phase of the construction process, from project conception to supervision and management. His wealth of experience has made him an invaluable asset to our team, and his expertise shines through in the exceptional projects he has led throughout his career. David’s impressive portfolio of award-winning projects speaks volumes about his dedication to quality, innovation, and precision. His attention to detail ensures that each project under his guidance not only meets but often surpasses the highest industry standards.

Mark Schmidt

Business Development Manager
Licensed in FL Real Estate

Mark’s unique blend of experience in real estate and media has proven to be a valuable asset in our construction endeavors, contributing to our growth and success.  Having lived and worked in the region for over 34 years, his deep connection to the community and local business landscape has enabled him to foster valuable relationships and opportunities for our organization. In addition to his professional role, Mark’s commitment to community development is evident through his involvement in numerous civic boards. His active engagement with local organizations showcases his dedication to making a positive impact in Central Florida community. He is a graduate of leadership programs such as Leadership West Orange, Leadership Seminole, and Leadership Lake, which have equipped him with the leadership skills and insights to excel in his role as a Business Development Manager.

Kizzy Ferrer

Director of People & Organizational Development

A proud graduate of the University of Florida Warrington College of Business, Kizzy initially joined our company 10 years ago, where she made her mark as a dedicated member of our project management team. After exploring different industry sectors, Kizzy returned to our organization with a fresh perspective and new insights. She spearheads talent acquisition and training and development efforts, crucial elements in shaping the success of our company. Her extensive experience, both within our company and beyond, uniquely positions her to lead our team in building a culture of growth, innovation, and excellence.

Kevin Whitlock, LEED AP

Senior Superintendent

A seasoned professional with 34 years of construction expertise, Kevin’s extensive career has been dedicated to ground up construction and complete building renovation. His proficiency in renovation projects is a testament to his meticulous attention to detail, innovative problem-solving, and his unwavering commitment to excellence. His ability to revitalize and transform buildings is matched only by his dedication to delivering top-notch results on every project he undertakes. Under his guidance, our team benefits from his wealth of experience and practical wisdom, ensuring that our projects are executed with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Grant Hawkins

Superintendent | Site Manager

Grant is a dynamic leader who has consistently demonstrated his ability to orchestrate and motivate construction teams to excel on large-scale commercial projects. With two decades of expertise under his belt, Grant has a remarkable track record of overseeing general subcontractors and laborers in the successful completion of complex commercial construction endeavors. Grant’s leadership is marked by a commitment to finding innovative solutions, maintaining a relentless focus on quality, and fostering a culture of excellence within the teams he manages. His passion for construction, coupled with his drive to raise the bar, has made him a true asset to our organization.

Shawn Whitehorn

Project Manager

Shawn consistently ensures that our hospitality industry projects are executed with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. His versatile leadership extends to our residential division, where he is instrumental in driving growth and success. Beyond his professional accomplishments, what truly sets Shawn apart is his easy-going nature and his ability to foster positive working relationships. He approaches every project with a smile and a sense of humor that not only eases the pressures of construction but also creates a harmonious and productive work environment.

Joseph Gottschalk

Project Coordinator | CADD Drafter

Just a year ago Joseph started his career with Boyer Building Corp as an intern. Since then, he has made remarkable strides to become a skilled Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) drafter. Joseph joined our company with little to no experience in construction, but what he lacked in knowledge, he more than compensated for with his unquenchable thirst for learning and an unrelenting work ethic. From day one, he embarked on a journey of discovery, immersing himself in every aspect of construction, eager to learn from the ground up. With diligence, he honed his skills in the use of CADD software, transforming rudimentary drawings into precise, detailed plans. Joseph is also actively working towards a degree in engineering. His educational endeavors complement his practical experience, providing a well rounded foundation for his construction career.

Erika Ceballos

Preconstruction Coordinator

Graduating from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business administration, Erika brought a strong business acumen to our team. This background, paired with a master’s degree in teaching and mathematics, showcases her commitment to both education and real-world applications. Her teaching experience has equipped her with exceptional communication and problem-solving abilities, making her an invaluable member of our preconstruction team. We love her knack for simplifying complex construction concepts, ensuring that our preconstruction process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Diana Paredes

Administrative Assistant

With a career steeped in administrative excellence, Diana is one of our go-to people for all things administrative at Boyer Building Corp. Her responsibilities include providing an administrative overview that keeps all facets of the company working in harmony. From streamlining office procedures to coordinating essential tasks, her organizational skills are second to none. Her problem-solving abilities, coupled with a dedication to excellence, make her an indispensable asset to the organization. Diana is an active member of the Orlando chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction and is currently working on her certification to become a Construction Bookkeeping Technician. 

Lisa Colón

Administrative Assistant

Lisa Colón is our new Front Desk Administrative Assistant working out of the Ocoee office location. She has 30+ years of experience working with Universal Studios in the areas of administrative and project coordination and enjoyed working on notable projects such as City Walk Orlando.

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