Building Futures

Years 0–3
Boyer Building Beginnings
Group designing and planning a build

The first few years were “all about survival,” which Boyer did quite well. They landed several large contracts with the likes of Hyatt and Marriott.

Years 4–5
Boyer's Niche Has Been Found

Hospitality had served the company quite well and they knew they’d found their niche.

Years 7–8
Boyer Acquires Key Hires

Two key hires, Matt Johnson and David Plyler, expanded the company’s capabilities.

“They were two guys like me. We had similar work experience. I could bounce ideas off them and they pushed me.”

Boyer Building Corp now had the ability to take on bigger projects.

Years 9–10
Boyer Builds the Team

Gary’s focus shifted to team building.

“One morning I heard some of my people come in to work, they didn’t know I was in the back. I heard them start right in planning their day, analyzing, doing the job, like the professionals they were. They were amazing and I was so proud.”

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